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Spare Calming Dog Bed Cover

Spare Calming Dog Bed Cover

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Whether you would like a spare second cover colour when investing in a new calming pet bed, or are already a valued customer and want a new colour cover to match a new piece of furniture or wall paint, we have a colour for every occasion.

There are now eight colours that you can choose from for your calming pet bed outer cover spare. If there is a special colour you have in mind that isn't below, please reach out via our contact page

Always have a spare dry cover while the other is in the washing machine and getting dry, so your fur baby never has to go without their favourite pet bed.

Maximise hygiene for your furry friend while ensuring they are relaxed and have a great night's sleep.

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 Raised Edges


 Non-slip Bottom 


For accurate sizing please refer to our Calming Pet Bed page and ensure your spare cover matches your pet bed size purchased. 

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